Using Digital Dentistry To Design Your Ideal Smile

Throughout the years, there have been countless advancements in the dental health industry ranging in everything from the techniques used in diagnosing and treating patients, to the materials used to implement those treatments. However, at no time in the history of dentistry have these advancements had such an impact as with the development of digital dentistry.

Digital dentistry design is based on a facial analysis and measurements of the patient’s dental proportions. Photographs of a patient’s smile are used to evaluate the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and facial characteristics. Usually, dentists are not professional photographers, and patients are not professional models; hence, sometimes obtaining the desired-specific photograph can be very challenging. Therefore, we have to use tools such as video recording in order to complement the photography method. With the implementation of videos, we can obtain a real model of a smile where the patient’s movements and natural expressions are perfectly captured.

With the use of Digital Smile Design, patients become co-designers of their own treatment. This technology gives them the ability to express their desires and expectations to the dentists themselves. What’s more, the interaction between the patient and the dentist is improved thanks to the photos and videos taken during the consultations. This means the restoration results are inline with the expectations and emotional needs of the patients. With this method, we have an assured path for a more natural smile.

It is very fulfilling to see the possibility of how a smile can change someone’s life, but most importantly to see how the patients go from smiling simply from their lips, to smile with their eyes which ultimately reflects the emotion they feel in their hearts.

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