Dental Implants: More than a Cosmetic Procedure

When you lose a permanent tooth for any reason, you will experience consequences beyond just a less attractive smile. Many health concerns can arise along with the self-consciousness that comes with tooth loss. Fortunately, dental implants afford a true treatment option that goes far beyond a mere restoration of cosmetic appearance. Here is why you should consider replacing your missing teeth whenever possible:
Dental Implants Eliminate Excess Bone Loss
Bone loss is the process of the body resorbing bone tissue, causing it to shrink away. This results in marked physical changes in the bone structure of your face over time. The process begins when the stimulation required for the jaw to maintain its structure disappears, as happens when you lose a tooth. Dental implants provide the necessary stimulation to keep the area strong, preserving the structure and shape of your face.
Dental Implants Preserve Healthy Digestion
When one or more teeth are missing, it forces you to either alter the way you chew or choose foods that are less healthy but easier to chew. Oftentimes, the change can cause you to swallow food that has not been properly or thoroughly chewed, or that is not nutritionally sound. This creates a strain on the digestive system, as it must work harder to move food through your body. Moreover, your body will not be able to absorb as many nutrients from your food even if you are still able to make healthy diet choices. You may experience various forms of GI upset or some degree of malnutrition.
Dental Implants Prevent Tooth Alignment Issues
Losing even one tooth can significantly transform the geography of your mouth, creating unsightly gaps or problems with your bite alignment. When a tooth is suddenly no longer present, the remaining teeth are apt to shift in position toward the void. You may experience uneven wear on your teeth as a result. Misalignment can also increase your risk of decay, which in turn increases your risk of losing even more teeth.
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