4 Things to Consider when Choosing a Clinic for Dental Tourism

How far would you be willing to travel to see a dentist? Across the city? Maybe even interstate? Would you fly to another country? It may sound excessive but, as dental costs continue to rise, some people are choosing to travel overseas for dental treatment. With reported savings of up to 75% in some countries, it’s not surprising that a growing number of people are packing their bags to seek alternative dentistry care via dental tourism abroad.

It’s understandable to be a little worried about visiting a dentist in another country. When flying abroad for dental tourism, one thing is absolutely indispensable. You need to become informed about your prospective dental clinic. Find out what accreditations they hold and be sure they have all the requirements to perform your dental procedure in a safe effective manner.

You may find that not all dental clinics meet the same quality standards. If you’re looking to save money with affordable dental care, you need to make an informed decision. What factors should you be looking for when choosing a dentist worth traveling for? Here we’ll show you some key points to identify when doing your research.

1. Dental Experience:

Getting to know your doctor or cosmetic dentist before undergoing a dental procedure helps to develop the essential trust needed for a successful treatment procedure. Strong cooperation between a patient and its dentist is vital so it’s always nice if the trust-building begins as early as possible.

If you’d like to begin your research, Meza Dental Care is home to a very well-known team of doctors. Dr. Alberto Meza is one of only three dentists accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) in Latin America and forms part of a select group of dentists. Furthermore, Meza Dental believes strongly in the value of continuous education. Their doctors are always seeking personal growth through training and postgraduate studies in the USA and Europe in order to maintain the clinic’s reputation for excellence.

2. Facilities & Clinical Equipment:

Another important part of choosing the best dental clinic is to take a closer look at their installations and equipment. You don’t need to know every piece of equipment in detail at a particular dental practice. But you can get a good idea of whether or not they are up to par by just looking at them. Try giving the dental clinic a call, check out their website, and look for pictures of the clinic itself. Does it look like the type of place you would feel comfortable being treated in? Do they have an on-site laboratory or do they outsource everything?

Meza Dental is a modern boutique dental clinic, which relies on top-notch equipment by any means of measurement. We also have an on-site laboratory, where we prepare custom dental pieces and much more. We even have the AAAHC accreditation, a US-based certification of a dental clinic’s dedication to quality standards.

3. Patient Management:

The outcome of your dental treatment and your overall experience doesn’t only depend on the facilities, equipment, and clinical skill of your doctor. A great patient experience requires a special human touch. The quality of equipment and materials, combined with the expertise of the medical professional and the amount of individual attention provided to the patient by the staff, all have a strong influence on the level of satisfaction.

At Meza Dental, our dedication to excellence extends to every part of the customer experience. While Costa Ricans are world-renowned for their hospitality and friendliness,  we specialize in dental tourism. In a country such as Costa Rica, which is known for great medical tourism experiences, Meza Dental excels at patient management.

Each patient has a dedicated English-speaking representative who will assist you with all of the logistics, and explain every detail about the planned treatments and the costs involved in order to make the journey as relaxing as possible. We’ll meet you at the airport and take care of all your transportation needs between the airport, hotel, and clinic. They will also be more than happy to answer any questions, offer tips or suggestions on things to do while in town, and resolve any doubts you may have.

4. Testimonials or Reviews:

The best thing to look for when selecting a dental clinic for dental tourism are testimonials or reviews. Few things carry more weight than the advice of patients who’ve already been treated by the clinic you’re considering. Look for patient testimonials and reviews, patient stories, or videos on their website if possible.

ABC Eyewitness News reviewed Meza Dental and interviewed one of our many satisfied patients. We have many testimonials and patient stories on our site and we are always uploading new ones for you to read about and hear from them about their experiences.

Keep in mind that when traveling overseas for dental care, you will incur costs typically associated with international travel. Remember to budget for hotels, visas, food, and airfare, as you would for any international trip.

If you have some questions, contact us, or call our Toll Free number from U.S. & Canada: 1-(877)-337-6392 and talk with one of our representatives to learn more about traveling to Costa Rica for the best cosmetic dental treatment!

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