The Economist Recognizes Alberto Meza’s Expertise in Dentistry

An article released by the Economist Magazine on October 31, 2022, focuses on the 3 main issues that contribute to poor dental health in Mexico, and they reached out to Meza Dental’s owner and founder Dr. Alberto Meza to get the facts.

It’s always a joy to be recognized, and this most recent coverage speaks to Dr. Alberto Meza’s well-earned reputation as one of the leading dentists in Latin America.

The Economist

The Economist was founded way back in 1843 as a newspaper that focused mainly on matters of geopolitics, economics, finance, and technology. Since that time they have become a global giant in the media industry. They pride themselves on objectivity, integrity, independence, and inclusivity, and so when they approached Dr. Meza for his expert opinion, he was happy to help.

The Article

The article focuses on the three main dental problems facing the Mexican people today and approached Dr. Meza to find out more about what can be done.

Those three issues are cavities, periodontal problems, and dental misalignment, and Dr. Meza stated that in many cases, these problems are the result of poor diet and oral hygiene. There is also an abundance of sugar in food today that can lead to obesity and diabetes.

He explained,

Because we have bacteria in the oral cavity, if they are not controlled (due to poor hygiene or excess sugars and carbohydrates), they excrete an acid that has the ability to penetrate the minerals of the enamel (first dental layer) and create pores…”

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of cosmetic and implant dentistry, he has seen firsthand the result of improper oral care. The opening of Meza Dental’s second location in Cancun means that he and his staff will be battling the problem head-on. But then, the main goal behind his global expansion was the desire to help more people.

He and his team are ready and willing to forge ahead, restoring the health and functionality to his client’s smiles, one person at a time, and with the recent media attention from both the Economist and Vogue Magazine, they are sure to be busy!

If you’re dealing with dental issues of any kind, Dr. Meza and his team are here. And if you’d like to reach out, you can visit the Meza Dental website or call toll-free from U.S. & Canada at

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