How All-on-X Changed My Life: Gloria’s Story

The All-on-X Procedure is a revolutionary procedure that was first performed in 1998 by Professor Paulo Malo. Since then it has become the go-to for patients who are unable, or unwilling, to use traditional treatments, such as dentures or partials which can be ill-fitting and unreliable.

During the All-on-X procedure, the patient’s teeth are removed and 4-8 titanium implants(depending on the individual’s needs and jaw structure) are placed into the jawbone. A full arch prosthesis is then attached to the implants, providing patients with a fully fixed, natural-looking alternative to traditional dentures. You can learn more about the process through our blog post entitled Understanding the All-on-X/All-on-4 Process

This is an intensive process that requires a primary visit, where the dentist performs the extractions and implants, and a secondary visit (once the patient is healed) to fit and manufacture a prosthesis designed specifically for each patient using a combination of modern digital dentistry and handcrafted artistry.

It’s important to understand what the process entails and to feel comfortable knowing that they are in good hands and that the procedure will be done by professional and accredited dentists and technicians.

To help with this, we at Meza Dental have asked some of our patients to share their experiences with you.

Meet Gloria

Gloria is from California and has a history of dental issues. She came to Meza Dental to have the All-on-X Procedure.

When we asked her about her experience, this is what she said…

An Interview With Gloria

Meza Dental Team: What made you consider using Dental Tourism?

Gloria: I had never heard of it before… but a family friend told me about Meza Dental.

Meza Dental Team: Have you had problems with your teeth for a long time? 

Gloria: I have always had poor teeth and over the years it progressed to a lot of pain, tooth decay, and receding of the gums. Eventually, all of this led to a lot of teeth being removed, and I was very limited as to what I could eat.

Meza Dental Team: What was it about Meza Dental that made you choose them? 

Gloria: I had consultations with implant companies in the US and found the prices weren’t achievable for me. A family friend referred me to the Meza Dental Clinic. She had gone through the same procedure that I was looking into. She explained that the quality was comparable, if not better, than what she would have received in the US for a substantially lower price.

Meza Dental Team: What type of procedure did the Meza Dental team perform for you? 

Gloria: After the removal of all the teeth I had left, I had the All-on-6 implant surgery. 6 posts were placed on the bottom, and 6 posts were placed on the top, and I was given a full set of replacement teeth.

Meza Dental Team: What was the process like for you as a patient? 

Gloria: After submitting the information to get an estimate, I was very surprised to receive a personal call from Dr. Meza himself to discuss what I wanted. He said he had reviewed everything, and then explained in great detail about implant surgery, and he answered all of my questions and concerns about the procedure.

Through talking with him I discovered that he cared about the health and dentistry of each of his patients- not just about making a profit. When I received my estimate I was shocked and excited because I knew that I could afford it. It was ⅓ of the cost of the same procedure here in the US.

When I was ready to start my procedure, the Meza Dental Team took care of all the details for me, including the hotel accommodations, a driver to pick me up and deliver me to my hotel as well as providing all of my transportation to and from the dental office. All of my scheduling of appointments was taken care of as well.

Meza Dental Team: Were you comfortable with the staff at Meza Dental? 

Gloria: During my visits and procedures, I was met with nothing but the utmost respect, quality of care, and professionalism from all of the staff at Meza Dental.

Meza Dental Team: Would you recommend them to your friends? 

Gloria: Yes, I would because it’s attainable for the ordinary person, like me, and not just for the rich and famous.

Meza Dental Team: Aside from having a beautiful new smile, what was the best part of your trip? 

Gloria: The best part of my trip was after 6 months of waiting for my implants to fuse to my jawbone, and gums to heal properly, I was able to schedule the second phase. Again, they took care of everything, and for this trip, my husband and I decided to make it a vacation as well.

Meza Dental Team: Did Hugo and Karina help you book your travel plans? 

Gloria: Not only did we find San José a beautiful city, but we also reached out to the travel coordinators Hugo and Karina, to help with our vacation plans. They booked two separate trips for us to explore two different regions of Costa Rica.

Meza Dental Team: Did you go on any adventures while you were in Costa Rica? 

Gloria: We spent a week in Playa Hermosa which is a beautiful beach town, with great restaurants, great shopping, beautiful sunsets, and very warm and friendly locals. While we were there, we went on a day trip to Manuel Antonio National Park.

We had a guided tour through the rainforest. We were able to see many types of animals as well as plants that thrive in the protected forest. After completing my final dental work and receiving my beautiful smile, we had them book another trip to the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

We got to experience walking through the hanging bridges and see how fragile and beautiful the mountain climate was. So, we felt we got two vacations for the price of one. With transportation, hotels, tours, and the cost of food, it was very reasonable and affordable.

Meza Dental Team: What would you tell someone who is trying to decide if dental tourism is for them? 

Gloria: To be able to receive high-end cosmetic dentistry that is equal to or better than what you would receive in the US, plus have the opportunity to experience the beautiful country of Costa Rica, choosing the Meza Dental Clinic and all they had to offer was a no-brainer!

Meza Dental Team: How has your procedure changed your life? 

Gloria: It has improved my ability to chew and eat healthier foods which in turn will lead to a healthier life. It has improved my facial and bone features and has given me my confidence back. I am no longer just the taker of photos but want to be in them.

From the Friends and Family

We also had a chance to ask Gloria’s husband, Frank, what the experience was like for him, and how Gloria’s life changed afterward.

Meza Dental Team: How do you feel getting to see Gloria’s new smile?

Frank: I love her new smile and I’m so happy to see her wanting to share her beautiful smile with everyone again.

Meza Dental Team: Have you noticed a difference in her outlook or confidence since she completed her treatment?

Frank: I have noticed a big difference after completing her treatment, before her treatment when she met new people she would try to hide her smile and for the most part wouldn’t smile at all. After the treatment that’s all changed.

She is back to the way she was when we first met, always smiling and not afraid to smile around people she has just met.  What a great change.

Meza Dental Team: You joined Gloria on her second trip to Costa Rica, correct? What was the experience like for you?

Frank: Actually, I was with Gloria for both of her trips to Costa Rica. I think we both fell in love with Costa Rica and even with all of the appointments we were still able to do so much and got to meet so many people, it was truly a fun adventure for both of us.

Meza Dental Team: Did you have any contact with the Meza Dental staff? If so, how would you describe them?

Frank:  For both of our visits, I went with Gloria to all her appointments and I found the staff at Meza  Dental so friendly and helpful. They included me with all of the procedures and what to expect. They treated us both so well and always went out of their way to answer any questions and provide information on where to go and what to see. It was truly a great experience for both of us.

Meza Dental Team: And lastly, having watched Gloria go through the All-on-6 procedure, would consider using Meza Dental for something similar if the need arose?

Frank: I would in fact. During our second visit, I set up an appointment for my teeth to be whitened and found the cost to be 1/3 of the cost in the States. The process was great and the results of the whitening were awesome. We have told so many people about our experiences and recommend Meza Dental and highly recommend them for anyone’s dental needs.

A Thank You To Gloria (And Frank)!

We’d like to thank Gloria and Frank for taking the time to share their stories. In the world of medicine, it’s easy to focus on the numbers, procedures, and sciences, and sometimes that means that the true emotional impact of these procedures is neglected. 

But when it comes down to the very health and structure of your smile, you can’t ignore how much your life can change with a little bit of care and restoration. 

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