Meet Our Patient Jae Chong from Atlanta, GA

In our latest patient testimonial, you’ll meet one of our most recent patients, Jae Chong. Jae traveled to us from Atlanta, GA a few months ago to begin his treatment. He had lost most of his teeth in a sports accident when he was in high school. He had worn a bridge for decades, but in recent years, they had lost their fit and had become uncomfortable and unnatural looking. We gave Jae a full mouth restoration, and in the process, not only improved his oral health and self esteem, but saved him a ton of money as well. The last time Jae came to see us, we asked him to tell us about his experience. In this video, you’ll hear Jae discuss how he first learned about Meza Dental and what his experience was like throughout his dental tourism journey (spoiler alert…he’s quite happy with his decision). We gave Jae many reasons to smile, and we can do the same for you!

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