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U.S. Accredited Dentists | 20+ Years of Experience | Affordable Dental Care

Located in San José, Costa Rica, and Cancún, Mexico, our dental practice has been dedicated to providing exceptional, life-changing dentistry for patients from all around the globe.

Our professional team of dentists and technicians blends artistry, technology, and over 50 years of combined experience to provide our patients with the finest dentistry available. All of them have been trained in some of the most recognized Universities in the United States, such as the UCLA and Loma Linda University in California.

We are an accredited dental practice by the AAAHC and our founder Dr. Alberto Meza is one of the only two accredited dentists in Latin America by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

We offer every dental specialty you may need, including cosmetic dentistry, full mouth restoration, dental implants, and much more. 

At Meza Dental Care, you will always receive the highest level of care every step of the way to make your trip an unforgettable experience!

cosmetic dentistry

Our Cosmetic Dentistry service focuses on improving the appearance of your mouth, teeth, gums, and smile.

implant dentistry

Our Dental Implants service focuses on replacing missing teeth whether it is a single tooth, or multiple teeth.

all-on-4/6 dental implants

Our All-On-4® service focuses on providing patients with a permanent denture fixed to as few as 4 dental implants.

full mouth restoration

Our Full Mouth Restoration focuses on restoring your teeth in the upper and lower jaws and correct bite conditions.

Start smiling agan!

Dental Tourism as your Best Option
for your Dental Needs

Our founder’s idea of servicing patients from all over the world comes from his teenage years, when he knew he wanted to be a dentist, like his previous five generations. He intended to serve patients from the US and around the world, knowing he could offer a competitive price, and ever since he has improved thousands of smiles.

Understanding that his knowledge could be passed on to the next generations he started training dentists, dental technicians, and dental assistants, to make sure his model could be reproduced to reach more patients, and share his learnings with his colleagues who share a passion for helping.

This is how we became the leaders in dental tourism in Costa Rica and we are happy to know our service will continue to reach many who look to restore their confidence and quality of life through a bright beautiful smile!

why meza dental Care?

Top Quality Dentistry

Our quality is backed up by our doctors’ continuous education, which includes courses from US Schools like UCLA, and the accreditation of institutions like the AACD, which Dr. Meza is a part of, as one of the few accredited members outside of the US.

US Media Exposure

Meza has been chosen by The New Economy as the Best Cosmetic Dental Center. Also, we have been featured in renowned networks such as ABC and NBC News, discovery travel and living, fox news, international living, Rolls Royce yearbook, Newsweek and many others.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

Because we care about you and your well being, we will help you from the beginning with any questions you might have, plan your trip, schedule complimentary transportation during your entire visit, assist with any pharmaceuticals needed after your procedure, and provide support for any questions that come up once you return home.

In-House Lab and Latest Digital Technology

Dr. Meza has worked for years on creating one of the best dental labs worldwide, meeting their criteria and standards according to their extensive training and experience. At Meza Dental Care we take pride of our beautiful long lasting creations on the hands of our talented lab technicians utilizing the latest technology.

Our dentists

Dr Alberto Meza - Costa Rica Dentist

Accredited Member of the AACD, founder, and head of the clinical team at Meza Costa Rica and Cancún. Dr. Meza specializes in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. He makes sure our patients understand every single aspect of the treatment process.

More about Dr. Meza

Dr Roberto Hernandez - Costa Rica Dentist

As an outstanding and disciplined practitioner of Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Hernandez graduated from the UCR in Costa Rica. He continued with courses on Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry by Zimmer Biomet and Coachman Institute.

More about Dr. Hernandez


 In addition to being a Summa Cum Laude graduate and one of the brightest doctors at Meza Dental Care, Dr. José Umaña has completed his formation at the Master Clinician Program in California. Dr. José Umaña has an eye for details and quality.

More about Dr. Umaña

What are our patients saying?

Chad Olah
Chad Olah
October 9, 2022.
The best dentist office in the world! The staff is kind and helpful and the environment is full of good energy and is always clean! Not only does the work get done right but it also gets done fast due to the fact they have a in house lab!
Ron Norton
Ron Norton
July 28, 2022.
Three years ago I began my relationship with Dr. Meza. After many decades of dental services in the states my teeth were no longer useful and in fact were a detriment to my health. I wanted better options but could never afford to get the implants I needed in the states. Dr Meza and his dedicated and knowledgeable staff gave me back my smile as well as the ability to eat normally at rates i could afford. Today several years later my partner has also gotten her smile back. It's a life changer to be able to smile openly while eating a healthy diet. I would highly recommend Dr Meza and his staff to anyone who is faced with difficult dental choices. Even travel to another country is made effortless by their service. They take care of everything and are dedicated to serving you with top quality care that will leave you smiling. Sincerely Ron Norton
Paul Pursley
Paul Pursley
July 25, 2022.
Doctor Meza , is awesome , and his whole staff , from Miss Rebecca ,the office Boss , to Jose , who takes you from point a to b . And everyone else in the office is so professional . I had Doc Meza put in a 6 on 1 top arch . It took me about 10 months to get it done because of my job . I couldn’t be be happier , I had him clean my bottom teeth .i chose the Zirconium teeth . They match perfectly , they are so awesome , food finally tastes great again . . I had a partial plate since 2011 . Hated it . That dam glue . Ugh . . I eat whatever I want compared to before , steak , corn on the cob my favorite . Now you due have to keep them flossed , once a day , I do that , but I brush them just like regular teeth . Doc Meza , I can’t thank you enough, You’ve given me a great smile again . And my ability to chew food and enjoy what I eat . Oh not to mention the saving’s compared to having the done in the USA . Best wishes , Paul Pursley . Charlotte , NC..
gloria brown
gloria brown
July 13, 2022.
I had many concerns, a lot of trepidations and apprehension towards my upcoming procedure. When I arrived at Meza Dental Clinic, the minute I walked in, the professional staff and Dentists quickly put all of that to rest! My whole experience was step by step nothing but amazing! The Respect, Care and Dentistry you receive from them is State of the Art with the Newest Technology. My replacement of my teeth changed my health and my Smile forever !! 😁 Thank you !! Dr. Meza & Staff
Dr. George Khalil
Dr. George Khalil
July 12, 2022.
As an American, I had some trepidation about going to a foreign country for dental work, but as soon as I walked into Meza Dental’s doors, I felt at ease. Drs. Meza, Ramero and Hernandez and their staff were amazing! The office manager Rebecca was very open and direct about the costs and process, the dental assistants, Faviola and Monica, were kind and respectful, and Jose the clinic driver who drove me back and forth to the hotel, clinic and airport was professional and NEVER late. Dr. Meza is not only an amazing dentist, he’s also a wonderful educator—teaching me about the process and how to preserve the dental investment into the future. Dr. Ramero spent many hours trying to get my temps and other things just right. And Dr. Hernandez is one of the kindest humans I’ve met and an amazing root canal specialist. My dental work involved many hours of reconstruction, but Dr. Meza and his staff have given me my smile back! I am no longer hiding behind a mask or covering my mouth in shame. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Ronnie B
Ronnie B
July 8, 2022.
My experience was the best dental experience I've ever received and I would do it again. Every one should go visit Meza Dental at least twice a year!
Jimmie Barrett
Jimmie Barrett
June 9, 2022.
I had a full restoration done and the services were outstanding. Everything was explained in detail and all my questions and concerns were addressed. From the staff setting the appointments, arranging transportation, and checking on me after my appointments, the service was top notch. Dr. Meza was extremely professional and has a great bed-side manner. He was very personable and it was a pleasure to have him as my doctor. If you are looking to get any dental work done, I do not think you could do better than Meza Dental Clinic.
Leslee Painter
Leslee Painter
June 4, 2022.
Excellent experience and very professional. The entire staff is attentive, friendly and make an effort to provide a comfortable environment. Very happy with my smile and service in general. Highly recommend Dr Meza and staff.