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What is a dental restoration?

A dental restoration is the part of dentistry that is responsible for repairing damaged teeth, both in its aesthetic and functional aspects. Currently, there are advanced techniques that allow full recovery even in cases of severe teeth deterioration.

Different types of treatments are used according to the extent of the teeth damage. The goal of dental restoration is to preserve the patient’s natural teeth whenever possible.

What is a full-mouth restoration?

A full mouth restoration implies restoring somewhere between 20 to 28 teeth. It may be needed due to decayed, missing, worn, or misaligned teeth, to get them healthy again, improve their looks, or replace them with dental implants.

In addition, this kind of procedure usually responds to the patient’s desire for a cosmetic transformation of his/her smile. Likewise, patients that have “eating issues” (they cannot eat what they like or they can barely eat due to their dental problems), ultimately may get a full mouth restoration.

In brief, the purpose of a full-mouth restoration is to improve the function and aesthetics of the masticatory system, and it is suitable for anyone that has the conditions described above.

An All-On-4 may sometimes seem similar to a dental bridge, nonetheless, the bridge will usually be a solution to a much smaller problem than the All-on-4.

Are there different types of dental restorations?

The procedure depends on each particular case. A full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction gives a completely new smile, but patients need different dental procedures to get ultimate results.

They can require a combination of dental implants, dental crowns, veneers, root canals, periodontal treatment, gum surgery, sinus lift, bone grafts, and/or dental fillings.

Some other patients only need dental veneers to get their smile restored, while others may need an All-On-4/6 procedure (4 or 6 dental implants at the top, 4 or 6 at the bottom, and then a superstructure of a metal frame with porcelain teeth) to make this possible.

After collecting information from X-rays, pictures, CT Scans, clinical exams, and the patient’s history, our dentists can determine what dental treatment plan is needed and what other options are possible for each individual case.

Alternatives to a full-mouth restoration

A Full Mouth Restoration implies the reconstruction of the whole mouth, but some people do not need all their teeth done in order to improve their smile or to be able to eat. For example, a patient may need to get all his/her molars back but can keep his/her natural front teeth if they are fine. So, it depends on the assessment of each particular case.

After collecting information from x-rays, pictures, CT Scans, clinical exams, and the patient’s history, our dentists can determine what dental treatment plan is needed and what other options are possible for each individual case.

Through X-Rays and CT Scans, your dentist can know with much more detail, what the state of your teeth really looks like.

Full mouth reconstruction process and how long does it take?

In the case of dental implants, patients must come two times.

The first trip is to place the dental implants and this first phase takes one week. On the second trip, we make the final teeth and this phase takes two weeks. If dental implants are not required, it usually takes two weeks to perform a full mouth reconstruction.

At Meza Dental Care, we take pride in all the life-changing dental restorations we have delivered to our patients over the years. Take a look at our before and after gallery to view some of the amazing results.

How much does a full-mouth restoration cost?

The cost of full mouth restoration depends on the dental treatments needed for every specific case, the dental materials, and the techniques used. After you meet with Dr. Meza to discuss your needs and goals, we can provide you with a treatment cost estimate.

Getting a full-mouth restoration at Meza Dental Care

At Meza Dental Care we guarantee a total restoration of the mouth, which will improve both functional and aesthetic levels, so not only will you be able to speak clearly and eat in an appropriate way, but you will also be able to project a radiant and rejuvenated smile.

If you are looking for full mouth reconstruction, we cordially invite you to contact us to request a treatment estimate, as it is the best way for you to know how much your treatment will cost before arriving in Costa Rica. We can assure you that our doctors will help you find the best treatment option for you.

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