Costa Rica Dental Implants Cost

Discover the cost of dental implants in Costa Rica

What is involved in getting dental implants?

At Meza Dental Care, the fact that our patients know what they are paying from the very beginning makes them worry-free about any unexpected additional costs. In the case of implant surgery, a consultation is the first step in the process. Our implant dentist discusses what’s involved, talks with you about your expectations of treatment, and answers any questions you may have about it.

To understand your bone condition and know if you qualify for dental implants we need to check on a recent panoramic x-ray, or even better, a CBCT. Before the process begins, a prophylactic cleaning of the gums and the entire mouth is performed to leave all parts free of harmful microorganisms. 

After all, our dentist proceeds to place your dental implants following all the steps and protocols required in a dental implant surgery. It is like flying an airplane, if you follow the protocol, you have a 99.9% chance of landing safely.

The biggest advantages of dental implants

One of the main reasons dental implants are so popular is that they are a more permanent option. 

If you take proper care of them, they can last as long as natural teeth. Dental implants can also be placed without causing any damage to neighboring teeth. This is not possible in the case of a fixed bridge where the dentist needs to cut away the existing tooth structure to fit the prosthetics.

How much do dental implants cost in Costa Rica?

The cost of the treatment varies, depending upon the number of dental implants and the complexity of the procedure. 

Discussing your treatment with our implant dentist will give you a fair idea of the cost involved. Generally, the cost for a single implant in our practice is estimated to be $900. 

The only other costs involved are the CBCT,  the prophylactic cleaning of the gums and mouth and medications. While the cost of CBCT is around $120, the cleansing costs around $150. As and when you go for different kinds of implants, the expense varies, which we will discuss in the next few sections.

Fortunately, there are many options available to replace missing teeth. But which one is right for you? The three most common options are dental implants, fixed bridges, and false teeth, but first, let’s talk about why you should replace your missing teeth.

All-on-X dental implants cost

All on 4 dental implants are suitable for people who have a lot of missing teeth, most teeth in bad shape, or no teeth at all. If you are facing a similar situation and currently wear dentures, such an implant could give you a better quality of life and and great new look.

The all-on-X dental implant replaces a full arch or both arches of teeth, depending on the individual’s requirements. A fixed or permanent prosthetic is also attached to the implants. The procedure may include bone augmentation depending on requirements.

The cost of dental implants also varies depending on the number of teeth and the type of bridge used to support the implants. The cost of getting implants to replace an arch of teeth ranges from approximately $9000 to $15000. 

Each case is very different, this is why our dentists are trained to prescribe the right treatment plan according to your bone structure, gum display, smile display, strength of chewing muscles, and facial features. 

Cost of the procedure

Due to the length and complexity of the entire process, you should expect to pay a hefty sum for it. However, the most important factor in favor of dental implants is that they are meant to be permanent. 

On average, a single dental implant in Costa Rica could cost up to $1,500. However, our dentists will give you a more accurate picture of the costs in your initial consultation based on the following variables:

  • Number of implants needed
  • Additional surgeries are required like bone grafting or teeth removal.
  • Type of prosthetics to be used – our prostheses and digitally made and hand-touched, at the end to create a natural custom look. 

Dental Implant Calculator

Important tips to remember

  • Dental implant surgery has a very high success rate. We see a success rate of over 95% in our patients. However, the patient must be extremely careful during the months of the procedure. The food and dietary restrictions prescribed by the doctor must be followed by the letter. Any undue stress on the sensitive area during the healing stage can reduce the effectiveness of dental implants.
  • In most cases, the implant surgery is done under local anesthesia. However, the dentist might opt to put the patient under IV sedation, if necessary.
  • If the dentist chooses to perform a bone grafting procedure before the implant surgery, the timeline of the whole treatment can increase by 4-6 months.
  • Stay in touch with our implant experts throughout the procedure to ensure the best outcomes of the implantation.


You can book a free dental implant consultation with our implant experts to get a detailed analysis of your oral health and see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

At Meza Dental Care we exclusively use Titanium dental implants and Zirconia prosthetics. This technology has been perfected for over 20 years to provide the most comfortable, stable, and long-lasting dental solutions for our patients.

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