Dr. Mauricio Peña

Dr Mauricio Peña - Cancun Dentist

Dr. Mauricio Peña

Here at Meza Dental Care, we believe that working on your smile should be a positive, inspiring process, which is why we invite you to world-renowned destinations to relax and recover during your treatment. 

And no one changes your perception of what a trip to the dentist can be quite like Dr. Mauricio Peña, who worked in the challenging field of pediatric dental care for over a decade before joining Meza Dental Care. 

Working with young children, especially those living with disabilities, can at times be much more complex than working with adults. They are often scared, don’t quite understand what’s happening, don’t know how to communicate their challenges, and are growing rapidly. 

So how do you build trust, make a young child feel at home and understood, solve their current challenges without creating future ones, and leave them with a healthy, revitalized smile on their face? Well, you’ll have to ask Dr. Peña!

And if you get the chance to meet him, you’ll likely see why he’s earned the nickname “Dr. Kokoro” or “Dr. Heart.” In his spare time, he’s a family man, who loves exploring the beautiful mountains, parks, and beaches surrounding Cancún with his family, and maintains a contagious smile and warm heart the entire time. 

And Dr. Peña’s credentials match his manner, with more than 15 years of experience and education at Mexico’s most prestigious Universities. You can learn a bit more about his extensive experience below. 


  • Certified Dental and Odontopediatrist, Universidad de Guadalajara 2005
  • Member of Dental Faculty, UNAM Mexico
  • Private Practitioner, Kókoro Kids Pediatric Clinic (15 years)
  • Ordontopediatric Coordinator, Children’s Rehabilitation Center Telethon (10 years)
  • Certified by the National Council of Children’s Dentistry
  • Certified for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Specialized in clinic administration, pediatric orthodontics, and rehabilitation in pediatric patients and patients with disabilities under general anesthesia (Coordination of surgical staff: anesthesiologist, pediatrician, nurse, emergency medical technicians)

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