Meet the Dentists of Meza Dental

Dentistry is a highly complex profession. It requires a high degree of knowledge of anatomy, as well as an understanding of the aging process- because our teeth and jaw grow and change, as we do, along with the rest of our bodies. 

Being a successful dentist means understanding that process, and how the changes within our bodies, both natural and as the result of medical conditions- affect our dental health. It also requires a high degree of hand-eye coordination and efficiency. 

But dentistry isn’t just about skill and experience. A massive part of what we look for in our team members is care, consideration, dedication to your smile, and a mindset to constantly keep learning. That’s why we are so proud of the amazing team of dentists that we are part of our team… and would like to introduce them to you!

The Man Behind the Dream

Let’s start by introducing Dr. Meza because, without him, Meza Dental wouldn’t be the successful, professional establishment that it is.

A 5th-Generation dentist, Alberto Meza opened his clinic back in 2002 after studying 

Dentistry at the Universidad de Costa Rica. His naturally warm and caring nature and dedication to personal service meant that word of his little clinic spread, and his patient list grew. From the beginning, however, Dr. Meza has been driven to improve and grow, living up to the family name for quality dentistry, and making his own place among the best practitioners in the country

This drive was rewarded when he became the first Costa Rican dentist to become an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, one of only 3 dentists in Latin America to receive this distinction.

It was during his time in the United States that he first began to understand the difficulties faced by Americans due to the high cost of dental care. Lower overhead and labor costs mean that dental care in Costa Rica is naturally more affordable.  Surely, he thought, there was a way that he could use that to help people who were struggling to afford quality dental care worldwide.

Thus Alberto Meza also became one of the founders of the Dental Tourism Industry, serving his first international patients in 2004. In the years since, he has continued to learn, understanding that his industry will continuously change and grows as technology advances. Offering the highest quality dental service requires more staying abreast of new procedures and taking of emerging technologies that can be used to his advantage.

Not only that, but he is sharing that wealth of knowledge with the next generation of dentists- and has created a method of teaching that ensures a consistent and predictable level of education and skill within the Meza Dental team.

Being the best requires hard work, continual improvement, and a dedication to excellence, and he has racked up an impressive list of credentials along the way, including:

His crowning achievement to date occurred just recently. With the opening of its first office in Cancun, Mexico, Meza Dental can now offer high-quality, affordable dental care to even more international patients.

Passing the Torch

Perhaps even more impressive, in terms of his legacy, is his commitment to helping young dentists enter the industry, and follow in his footsteps. With his experienced mentorship, this next generation will continue to learn and grow, improving the industry and providing the same next-level service that has made Meza Dental such a prominent name in the Dental Tourism Industry.

Dr. Meza’s excellence comes from a sincere desire to understand each patient’s needs, and to find the best possible way to help them. It is that personal touch and caring heart that makes him special and is that same desire to help that he looks for in every member of his team.

Outside of the office, Dr. Meza enjoys fitness, surfing, travel, fashion, and spending quality time on the boat with his wife of 29 years and their two sons.

These aren’t just dentists. These are exceptional human beings that bring a sense of warmth and humor to an industry that can often seem cold, and impersonal, and we can’t wait for you to meet them.

Meza Dental, San Jose

Rounding out the home office which is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, are two amazingly talented dentists, Dr. Jose Umana, and Dr. Roberto Hernandez.

Dr. Jose Umana

Dr. Jose Umana is a Summa Cum Laude graduate. The newest member of the Meza Team, he joined the San Jose team in 2015 and has a bright future ahead of him. His specialties include Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Surgery with a focus on Implants. 

He has attended post-graduate training at both UCLA and the Global Institute for Dental Education (gIDE) at Loma Linda University in California. His accreditations include:

Outside of the office, you can find Jose playing sports or spending time at the beach. He is an easy-going family man who enjoys quiet lunches and good coffee in the company of his family and friends.

Meza Dental Cancun

In August of 2022, Dr. Meza realized his dream of going global by opening a second clinic in Cancun, Mexico which will enable his team to serve even more international patients. 

So far, we only have one full-time dentist in the Cancun office, but with the dedication to excellence and service that is at the heart of our mission, we hope to see it grow and expand into a thriving dental tourism destination in the next few years.

For now, we are happy to introduce Dr. Mauricio Peña, who attended the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico from 1995-2000 followed by the Universidad de Guadalajara from 2003-2005. He received a degree in Pediatric Dentistry from La Universidad de Guadalajara in 2008. 

Since then Mauricio has continued to study and grow. His experience and accreditations include:

  • Maintaining a private practice from 2007-present
  • Serving as a consulting physician, and coordinator of the pediatric dentistry area at the Centro de Rehabilitacion Infantil Tleton Quintana Roo from 2008-2018
  • certified by the national council of pediatric orontology. 2011
  • Certified by the General Health Council of Mexico
  • Certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

Dr. Peña’s specialties include:

  • maxillofacial orthopedics, (which is the study of dental alignment and arches)
  • Oral rehabilitation in pediatric patients under general anesthesia,
  • Oral rehabilitation in patients with disabilities.

It’s an impressive list, to be sure, but for many years, his practice concentrated on helping children, and his accreditations meant very little to them. They loved him for his ready smile, his

calm, comforting demeanor, and his willingness to take the time to get to know them and to help them relax.

Working with kids, especially with ones that have disabilities requires the kind of personality that soothes scared or skittish patients, and leaves them feeling understood and safe. In fact, he is so good at helping patients of all ages feel cared for and protected that it earned him the nickname Dr. Kokoro which translates to Dr. Heart in honor of his warm and caring manner.

On his days off, Mauricio and his family like to stay healthy and enjoy the outdoors, especially the deserts of Baja, with their unique terrain and otherworldly landscapes.

We are proud to welcome Dr. Peña into the Meza Dental family, and we can’t wait for you to meet him.

The Meza Dental Team

Dentists are an important part of the Meza Dental team, but they aren’t the only ones. To learn more about the amazing group of professionals that will work together to improve your smile, click here. We are proud to have found such a warm, compassionate, and talented group of specialists. Not only does it make us proud to know that every person on that team will give their all every time, but it also makes for a really pleasant work environment. 
We hope you will give us the chance to show you exactly what we mean by letting us create the perfect smile for you. Call us toll-free from Canada or the US at 1-(877)-337-6392, email us at or head to the website. Our friendly, English-speaking staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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